Mircomotors Simulation

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Micromoters Simulation
The first thing I noticed with this simulation was how complex it was compared to the first simulation with Universal. But also I noticed right away that being fired was also easy to do, and did occur as I was trying to figure out exactly how to run the simulation. Once I had a descent understanding of the simulation I was noticing it was uneasy to make all of the customers very satisfied and really easy to make them very dissatisfied. When I would start running the simulation I would start with what they gave me and advance round right away. Then after that I would immediately look into the market research section to find out more about what the customer wants so I could try and please all the customers. Every time I would try to make the customers happy I would continue to end up being fired. There was one time when I was close to having everyone very satisfied, but could not please everyone. I believe that was one topic we were trying to learn from this, that pleasing everyone and giving them exactly what they want sometimes is not possible. The next thing that would stand out to me was the net income which would sometimes be negative and I would have lots of trouble trying to get it to be positive. If I could not get it positive in a descent time then I would be fired. Segments B and D would tend to be very frustrating for me. I could not get them to be satisfied often. But I could keep my net income figure up, but then they would not be too happy. Around the year 2011 I noticed my net income figure to be dropping very low. I fixed this by decreasing my sales force and decreasing some of my product development. But this lead me to believe it the high net income figure would only live for so long. At the end of my second completed simulation, since I was not fired I was able to finish with a high net income but a lot of the customers were very dissatisfied. One way you could almost instantly raise the net income was to reduce the...
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