Mirat Ul Memalik (the Mirror of Countries)

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Jake Gleason
Travelogue Essay
History 116
Mirat ul Memalik (The Mirror of Countries)
Mirat ul Memalik (The Mirror of Countries) is a Travelogue which was written in 1552 AD and completed upon return home to Turkey in 1556 AD by Admiral Sidi Ali Reis. This written account takes us across the world to India and back to Turkey. This account tells us the terrible sights that this courageous man encountered and the great sights and cities that this decorated Admiral encountered on his journey around the world. This document tells and explains to us the many great burial sites and the various cultures of the peoples Sidi encounters.

The purpose of this Travelogue was rather simple, as Sidi states in his writing he wanted to make sure that his fellow adventurers or sea mates could go back and read what they had been through and seen, since they had seen so much and it would be fairly easy for them to forget. He also wanted people to know the fear he and his men encountered on land and on sea, which is clear in his writing that he was often scared for his life and his men’s life. Also, he wanted to make sure that an accurate account was written and not from a secondary or even farther down the line source.

There is many important facts and information given in this writing, like the many different ships that were used throughout the writing or for example Sidi says at one point he could see twenty five different Portuguese vessels and this was during the time that they were in Kis or old Ormuz located in the Green Sea. Throughout the writing many different burial sites are mentioned and explained in great detail. Also he seems to have somewhat of a fascination for ships which should be obvious considering he is an admiral and a military man. Besides that he really goes into immense detail about the different kinds of ships whether it is galleys, guard ships, or regular rowing vessels. This document also explains to us the different problems one may encounter...
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