Miranda V Arizona

Topics: Police, Crime, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: April 7, 2011
The 1966 case of Miranda v Arizona in my opinion was a horrible decision by the judge for many reasons. Here are some reasons on why I think the judge is wrong about making the decision on Miranda. I believe the decision on this case was wrong because just because they didn’t read the rights to about his crime while he was in custody of the police he was innocent. That means that anyone can rape someone and hurt someone and get away with it. The man also robbed and stole things. That man should have had been punished indefinitely. I believe that the United States supreme court of Arizona made a wrong decision on this case because if anyone rapes a person and later on throughout the day robs someone they will be punished in a state prison. Even though the officer who arrested Miranda should have said his rights to him saying he has the right to remain silent for example I still believe he should have been punished just as if he would have said them to him. The woman he raped was only 18 years old that is unacceptable. Miranda even wrote a confession letter saying he did those things. Even though the court appreciates his honesty I still believe he should have been in a cell for years. He ruined that young lady’s she was a really young lady and that can mess with anyone’s mind. Miranda was heard to me mentally un-normal and had an 8th grade education. The woman wasn’t able to realize if Miranda used a finger or his penis during the rape. The police also have to give the criminal the right to a lawyer which was not offered by the police officer that arrested Miranda. Miranda’s lawyer argued that the violation of the Sixth Amendment which is the right to counsel that it was not valid since the Phoenix Police Department failed to read Miranda his right which in my opinion should still be treated equally as if the police officer told the rights to Miranda because he already had a juvenile record. This isn’t even the first time that Miranda gets in trouble with the law....
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