Miranda Lambert

Topics: Country music, Miranda Lambert, Academy of Country Music Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Although most will probably say someone close to them is inspiring, like their mother, grandmother, sister. In my opinion, they are your family, and you will always love and be inspired by them. Therefore I decided to write this on how a singer is inspiring to me. Her name is Miranda Lambert. Almost none of my friends have even heard of her. I guess because maybe she’s a country singer and they don’t really like country music? Who knows, but she is quite an amazing person. She grew up in a small town in Texas. “Not having money toughened me up a bit, but I'll always be grateful. Texas people are really strong in their roots. I started writing and playing guitar at 17. I've always loved music, and my dad is a singer-songwriter.” Miranda once said. She was influenced personally by her father to take an interest in music. Her music is wonderful, and she has a beautiful voice. She writes almost all of her own songs, and they are full of meaning. For example a hit song of hers, ‘Gunpowder and Lead’, is about women and how they should not take any shit from any one, let alone a man who hits them. I’m even sitting here writing this, listening to her music. I mean not all of her songs have such a deep meaning, but they all are certainly songs you can just sit back, and rock out too. I’m in love with it, and such a huge fan. In my eyes, Miranda is unlike any star. She isn’t a skinny, overrated, prissy little bitch who is only popular for one song, or how pretty they are. Miranda isn’t even that main-stream, but still does what she loves. When she was a teen, she was on a show kind of like American Idol that got her career started. She went to Nashville, and came back to Texas almost immediately because she hated the “pop” sound of music, and wanted to stay original, and straight up country. She’s a country-rock girl, with meat on her bones, a strong head on her shoulders, and doesn’t take shit from anyone, and will speak up if she has too. I mean, I don’t know the...
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