Miraculous Births in History

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Miraculous Births

The concept of a miraculous birth is when the child was conceived in a way that’s out of the ordinary or exceptional. It there are different categories for these types of births such as: Virginal births, from a fruit, from drinking water or from incantations or spells. Many different religions all claim to have had gods that were born miraculously

IN Christianity there is the Birth of Jesus who was born to his Virgin mother Mary. The story is told of an Angel visiting with her and telling her that she would bring forth a son and call him Jesus.

In Greek Mythology there are: Alcides also called Heracles whose mother Alcmene was a virgin. Also Apollonius whose mother was said to be overshadowed by the God Proteus. Hercules’s mother was also said to be a Virgin. Then there was Perseus whose Mother Danae was locked away as a girl to prevent her from losing her virginity and it is believed that Zeus came in a shower of gold and she got pregnant. In the Chinese culture there was Tien who was also born of a Virgin. Then there was Yu who was believed to be conceived when his other was struck by a Star when she was traveling. IN Egyptian mythology there was Bacchus whose mother Semele was a virgin. Then in other other religions there are: Buddha who was believed to be immaculately conceived Chrishna whose mother was said to be overshadowed by a god named Brahma
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