Miracles Do Happen

Topics: Ice hockey, San Diego Chargers, The A-Team Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Miracles Do Happen

Sports and miracles kind of go hand in hand when athletes perform in games or practices. The Denver Broncos were down 24-0 at halftime against the San Diego Chargers, and they ending up winning 35-24 with 35 unanswered points. Many basketball games come down to the wire during March madness and many teams win by hitting buzzer beaters. For the USA hockey team, this miracle happened to swing their way. This special hockey team hit the biggest lottery numbers possible and took it home for the country.

The best sports teams always seem to have very good coaches, and Herb Brooks is another prime example of a good coach. It’s easy to say that he is a command style coach when he is telling the athletes what to do no matter how much they like it or hate it. He will send players home and off the team if they don’t meet up to his standards and perform the way he wants them to. He does have a cooperative style if players have problems or concerns about playing, like the goalie not taking the test. If he wants to get a player’s attention, he will make sure to do so.

Herb Brooks is also a very good communicator when it comes to voice because he will get his point across with his demanding voice and the emphasis he puts behinds the things he says. He is not a good communicator when it comes to the feelings to his players or any problems concerning the players. A good example of this is when the team and the coaches have a Christmas party, and Herb Brooks leaves the party early. Herb Brooks does always scrunch his face when he is mad or kicks something. When he is happy, he slides his hand through his hair and gives everyone a little smirk.

Team is the first priority for Herb Brooks though before any individual player. He makes the players do hockey suicides, like the ones for basketball, until one of the players step up and say that they play for the USA hockey team. He is famous for using the words “Again” when he makes the athletes do all of...
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