Miracle Worker

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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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Cast of Characters:

Helen Keller(Hallie Kate Eisenberg) a six-and-a-half year old daughter of Kate and Arthur who is left deaf and blind after a serious illness as an infant. Despite her handicaps, she's a girl of exceptional intellect and cleverness.

Anne Sullivan(Alison Elliot) she is a very kind and hard-working governess.the miracle worker to which the title of the play refers.

Captain Arthur Keller(David Strathaim) a hearty gentleman in his forties. He is a newspaper publisher who possesses much power, both in the business world and in his own home. Nothing is done and no decisions are made in the Keller household without his consent.

Kate Keller(Kate Greenhouse) a young gentlewoman with a sweet girlish face. She is patient and gentle with Helen.

James Keller(Luca Black) Captain Keller’s son from a previous marriage, he's an indolent young man. He is often flippant and sarcastic, largely due to his inner turmoil. He helped Annie to prove to Captain Keller that she is a capable teacher.

Aunt Ev(Patricia Gage) a benign visitor who serves as a catalyst for the Kellers’s first contact with the Perkins Institute. She's a talkative woman who often tries to be helpful, but who can be a bit intrusive.

Percy(Kevin Duhaney) is a young African-American child who seems to be a bit older than Martha.

Martha(Stephanie Sams) a young African-American child, she is playful and curious, and can also be a bit bossy, especially with Percy.

Viney(Jackie Richardson) an African-American woman and a servant in charge of the daily housework and meals in the Keller household. She is cheerful, practical, and very adept at her job.

Jimmie(Liam Robinson) Annie’s dead younger brother and the stongest of all the offstage voices.

Anagnos- a stocky bearded man, he is Annie’s counselor at the Perkins Institution for the Blind. He places Annie in the Kellers’s home as a governess for Helen. He is loving and kind to Annie, but he can also be stern...
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