Miracle of Life

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Contents Page Lesson Section Ideal setting for babys birth| 19,20| 6 | 2| Diet for a 4 year old (Winter and Summer)| | 7 | 2| Child with feeding problems| | 7 | 2| Teacher-parent relationship| | 8| 2|

Involving parents in school life| | 8| 2|
Basic psychological needs| | 9| 2|
How teaches can provide for psychological needs| | 9| 2| Intergrated whole (will, mind, body and spirit)| | 9| 2| Three stages of obedience| | 10| 2|
How deviations manifest themselves in children| | 10| 2| Mixed ages in the learning enviroment| | 11| 2|
Five different modes of learning| | 11| 2|
Intergrate a handicapped child| | 11| 2|
Useful development chart| | 11| 2|

Assignment 2

Lesson 6
1. Describe the ideal setting for a baby’s birth. (500 words) ‘Before him there is a period of life different from that which he led in the womb ‘the spiritual embryo Care of the newborn

Child has two lives:
Age starts when life starts from the time the child is conceived natal being life
PrenatalBeforenot enough attention
PostnatalAftermost attention
Maria Montessori believed not enough attention was given to pre natal life and the actual birth of the child.

Trauma at birth
Until the moment of birth, the baby is in a warm fluid, protected from the bright lights, sounds and drop in body temperature. We have to consider the great adaptation the baby has to make leaving the mothers womb and entering the great big world.

Baby’s 1st experience of breathing on his own (before via mums umbilical cord) Baby’s 1st experience of carrying his own body mass.
Baby’s 1st experience to feel his sense of touch (skin, blanket etc) Baby’s 1st experience of the impact of light and sound

We cannot say exactly how the baby feels by conscious awareness and memory, but we cannot assume that he is insensitive to all the factors.

Recording by the unconscious memory of all the sensations experienced which influence the learning and development of every individual and therefore influence the later development of the child. How sensations affect the child. What mom’s environment becomes a part of who the child becomes?

Immediately after birth
* Maria Montessori believed experience immediately after birth are important factors in the Childs subsequent development and the importance of the mother to the child. * Ideally the child should be delivered into his mothers hands in a calm environment in a warm room that is dimly lit. * Should be left to bond with his mother immediately after birth, leaving the weighting and bathing for afterwards. * The body of the newborn is delicate. The skeleton is not fully ossified, the bones of the feet are still cartilaginous and the skull is not joined over the top of the brain. * Extreme care should be taken in handling the newborn child. * Traditional attention should be given to emotion.

* Childs needs are to be considered and emphasized at all times.

First days of life
* Initially not realized the child has mental needs in his first two years of life. * Maria Montessori believed in the unconscious absorbent mind (0 to 3 years) * Consider transformations, adaptions, achievements during the 1st periods of life. * Conscious absorbent mind (3 to 6 years)

Good example: a child who didn’t feel love will find it hard to drive. * Active seekers in this world. Always looking for impressions to absorb. * This becomes an integral part of his personality

* Children who are not allowed to grow and develop do not thrive. * A mother gives off an unnoticed force that the child is familiar with; this helps him to go threw difficult days. * The communication between mother and newborn still exist even after baby...
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