Miracle Essay

Topics: Winter Olympic Games, United States, Ice hockey Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Billy Held Sports Lit Miracle Essay 3/21/13

In the movie Miracle, one of the main characters Jim Craig faced many struggles on and off the ice. As a hockey goalie, Craig had a very important role. All his life, he played as goalie, and as he got older, he began to play for a different variety of teams eventually working his way up to play in the U.S.A. Winter Olympics in 1980. Throughout his hockey career, he faced the loss of his mother, who was very important to him because she encouraged him to forgo his hockey career.

In the year of 1977, Craig’s mother, Margaret, passed away and his life was changed forever. His mother was a hockey nut and loved the game. She involved herself so much that she would even sharpen the hockey skates of the kids that were on her son’s team. However, Craig’s mother motivated him all his life to play hockey and after the passing of her, Craig decided to try out for the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid because that is what his mother wanted him to do. After trying out, Craig made the team and would play as goalie in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

After the passing of his mother Craig’s performance was not the same as it used to be. His family life was a big part of why he was not playing as good as he could. After the passing of his mother Craig’s father was not the same, he was not around as much. Craig was still just as good of a hockey goalie as he used to be, but never showed it on the ice. At the tryouts to play in the Winter Olympics, the coach, Herb Brooks, closely watched Craig. Brooks seen Craig’s performance during tryouts and knew it was not his best. However, Brooks previously watched film on Craig and knew what his capabilities were. For that reasoning, Craig deserved and earned the...
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