Miracle at Midnight

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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During the Holocaust, Jewish people needed to hide who they really were; in order to save their lives. Miracle at Midnight and Number the Stars are both artistic pieces works of work, which that discussed the topic called of the Holocaust. Miracle at Midnight and Number the Stars both depeticed the events that occurred during the Holocaust and the ways many Jewish people were able to escape. There are many similarities and difference between the movie-, Miracle at Midnight-, and the book Number the Stars. Some examples: are in the following below. Miracle at Midnight and Number the Stars both depict the events that occur during the holocaust and how many Jewish people were able to escape. For example: One similarity of the two pieces is that they showed that Many many Danish citizens hid the Jewish passengers in the boats galleys to sail them to Sweden, which was not occupied by the Nazis. Another similarity between NTS and MAM was the celebration of New Year’s Eve of for the Jewish families in hiding-; during the celebration both families had a Sabbath dinner. Another likeness between the book and the movie was, in the characters. In Nts Stars the character-, Peter Neilsen and in – Miracle’s the character Hendrick, were both involved in the resistance. Both characters participated by hiding Jewish people from the Nazis.

In the NTS, the author, ( insert Author’s name), focused used on Ellen and Anne Marie’s points of view of for the events that happened during the holocaust Holocaust. On the other hand, in Miracle, the movie focused on why the Naziz Nazis wanted to kill the Jewish people from the country in Germany. or instance, I In Star the narrator is Annemarie, a young Danish girl, who expresses her feelings, ideas, thoughts thatabout things that were taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whereas, in In contrast, Miracle MAM the film focused revealed on the ideas and thoughts of the Nazis and members of the resistance. – (This is a list more than an...
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