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Mint Lube Case Study

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  • April 2010
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Banin Akif
Seat # 7049
Operations Management


Q. 1What constitutes the mission of Minit-Lube?

Ans:The mission statement for Minit-Lube can be derived as followed:

Our Mission: To provide fast, reliable and superior services in a customer friendly environment while ensuring lowest possible fares.

Q. 2How does the Minit-Lube operation strategy provide competitive advantage?

Ans:Minit-Lube operations strategy provides the organization advantage over its competitors in the following ways:

- Services Design:

Minit-Lube has a superior service design as it provides fast oil-change, interior cleaning and lubrications services to 3 cars at a time.

- Quality management:

Quality exceeds normal standards as all employees are neatly dressed and fully trained from minit-lube school.

- Process:

Efficient use of human resource enables fast service provision as three workers simultaneously work on a car to provide oil-change services.

- Location:

Spotless environment provides customer a refreshing feeling.

- Layout design:

Minit-Lube layout supports process focused ‘job shop’ practice which maximizes the efficiency and quality.

- Human Resource:

Well trained staff graduated from minit-lube school, ensuring cost effectiveness by building good customer relationships and providing speedy and accurate service. Each individual specializes in its own work enabling the maximum level of service.

- Scheduling:

Service providedin least possible time frame with use of efficient human resource in order to meet customer schedules.

- Maintenance:

Minit-Lube provides reliable maintenance solutions because of their trained staff and superior operations management.

Q. 3 Is it likely that Minit-Lube has increased productivity over its more traditional competitors?...

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