Minority Report and Blade Runner Comparitive Essay

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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In the first movie Minority Report, Mise en scene is used in the drug deal scene between Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton and his drug dealer. The shots leading up to and during this scene are highlighted by rundown buildings and streets in a low socio-economic area, contrasting with the technologically advanced city centre where John Anderton works. But what is also evident in these shots is how technology has still managed to seep through to this lower class. With a large hologram TV and Ads on the walls of a tunnel; preaching of the benefits of Pre-Crime, it seems as though technology has evolved at a faster rate than this area of the city, making this area seem even further backwards and aged.

Another feature used in this scene is Symbols/Motifs/Themes. Pre-Crime is seen as being a leap forward in the control of murder, but the advertisement of its abilities and effects comes across as being propaganda. This has brainwashed the mainstream public into thinking that it is a good thing, but these people are oblivious to its faults. The advertisement of Pre-Crime helps the viewer to understand how the government controls its people views and ideas through propaganda. Another theme that runs through the movie is the use of the eyes. John Anderton’s drug dealer has no eyes so that he cannot be identified and Agatha; one of the Pre-Cogs asks him throughout the movie “can you see?” Retinal scans of the population’s eyes are apart of everyday life whether it is used as a surveillance apparatus or for consumer enticement. This is another way that the government has control over their people.

In the second movie Blade Runner, Mise en scene in used in the interrogation scene to depict a dystopian future. The interrogation scene involves the use of an advanced lie-detector that measures eye movement, and upon further research, is used to detect whether the individual is a replicant or not. A futuristic city is also depicted in the beginning and ending of this...
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