Minority Report

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  • Published : May 24, 2012
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Henry Quach
English 10P
Mrs. Atkins
4 April 2012
Mechanical Wilderness
In the movie “Minority Report” directed by Steven Spielberg, individuals with precognitive powers were utilized by the police to prevent murders from ever taking place. The system is widely approved in the movie due to the success of the project in eradicating murders and is frequently referred to as “perfect.” The Precrime division was victim to the effects of the Self-fulfilling prophecy and Confirmation bias as they believed the system to be so perfect all the abnormalities found were overlooked. Agatha’s mother’s murder is a reminder to society that while humans can create technology that change the very way we live, it is imperative that we remember anything created by a flawed being will have flaws.. Minority Report, Harrison Bergeron, and modern life today all have reoccurring themes of a society living in a “Mechanical wilderness”

Minority Report showcases how society can rely on technology without so much as checking for flaws. If Anderson were to be caught early in the movie chances are his case wouldn’t have even been reviewed, he would be put away for the rest of his life even though his predicted had many abnormalities. In fact, if Anderson was sent to arrest someone in his exact position, he would probably halo them instantly considering he was quoted saying, “The system is perfect.” For six years, the system was believed to be working perfectly with no hitches except for the occasional echo. That belief was soon shattered when Dr. Iris Henimen revealed the existence of minority reports, cases where Agatha saw a different future than the twins. Meaning the arrests of the innocence was highly possible, making precrime an unreliable source of crime stopping.

In “Harrison Bergeron”, a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut, the government implemented a system of handicaps in order to equalize humanity. At a glance, the idea of giving everyone an equal chance in life...
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