Minority Cultures

Topics: Minority, Sociology, United States Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Why in nature is there not a single “super species”? A species that, through physical and mental prowess, has conquered the lesser beings. It Is because of the viruses, it is because if ever there were only a single gene pool to draw upon for the continued existence of life on earth there wouldn’t be life for much longer. Diversity leads to greater survivability. This is not only a truth applicable to biology. Diversity in business stops a single company from monopolizing and stemming innovation. Diversity in the artistic mediums leads to a greater flow of creativity from artists. Diversity in politics leads to the people having a greater representation of values in government. Diversity in anything is always going to have more benefits than having a monochromatic landscape. Why then do people believe that if there were a single dominant culture in the world they would be better off?

Modernists often reference the abhorrent and archaic practices of minorities. They refer to the Arabs calling their women “merely sexual toys and breeding machines”. (Shaikh) They talk about female circumcision in the Maasai community, reminding us that the Maasai people think, “Cutting girls is something our people have done for hundreds of years… No one can convince us that it is wrong”. (KENYA: FGM among the Maasai Community of Kenya) They talk about the practice of cannibalism in far off tribes. When they cite these examples and not others they are selectively depriving us of evidence. They acknowledge the worst of the minority practices without acknowledging the rest. The points they raise against the practice of genital mutilation among others are valid and should be dealt with, but eliminating the entire culture is not the proper response. The best way to stop archaic and harmful practices such as these are through laws focused on specific countries. To eliminate an entire culture would be to eliminate an entire branch of art, culinary talent, and history. These are the...
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