Minoan Pottery

Topics: Minoan civilization, Minoan pottery, Linear B Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Minoan Pottery

Minoan pottery is found around the Aegean Sea which is an arm in the Mediterranean. . The earliest pottery from the Minoan civilization focuses with practicality and function. Later, as the styles mature, the pieces become more refined and sophisticated. There are three phases of Minoan pottery. Early, 3650-2160 BCE, Middle, 2160-1600 BCE, and Late, 1600-1070 BCE. Each phase correspond with cultural shifts within the civilization. Some phases build on previously styles. As the Minoans continued to update their craft, pottery techniques became more refined, and they began to produce elaborate works of art for decorative purposes instead of just functional pieces.

Early phase Minoan pottery showed a newly established society because the artisans didn’t have any particular techniques. This phase of Minoan pottery includes Pyrgos Ware, which is characterized by a chalice design. The chalice is comprised of a cup that is fixed to a cone-shaped base to prevent spilling, a design associated with the Early Minoan civilization. Agyios Onouphrios Ware, from the Early Minoan phase, consists of two-handled drinking wares and larger containers such as jugs and bowls. The Minoans began using clays enhanced with iron to turn the pottery red, and in Agyios Onouphrios Ware, they perfected the linear patterns that were commonly applied to the pottery's surface. The Minoans continued to work on color balance with the Vasiliki Ware. The Vasiliki vessels are distinguished by long neck spouts. Middle Minoan phase represented the rise of the palace society and urban centers. The Kamares Ware, from the Middle Minoan phase, is considered the genius work of Minoan pottery. These pieces are constructed from very fine clay, and usually designed with symmetrical floral motifs. Vibrant reds and whites are painted against a dark background, usually black. The pottery from this period is ornate and reflects the Minoan's experiments with new techniques. The Minoans often...
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