Minoan Bronze Age Society

Topics: Minoan civilization, Knossos, Linear A Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Throughout the Minoan Bronze Age Society, writing in forms of Linear A and B Greek, as well as the administration and architecture of this admirable society are of significance in the overall understanding and perception of this civilization. Through the introduction of Mycenaean influence to this Bronze Age society, they created vast change in the writing styles of the Minoan’s from Linear A to Linear B which is evident on various seal stones and clay tablets discovered. The administration was handled generally by the scribes who intern obtained control of industry perhaps in terms of manufactured goods such as textiles. The scribes were also the chief recorders of Linear A and B scripts which made them important in not only the administration but also the writing and record aspect of the society. Architecture can be found by going to the palace of Knossos itself or observing various seal stones ad frescoes which give pictorial evidence of housing and palace infrastructure.

• Mycenaean Influence- change from Linear A to B etc.
• Phaistos disk- not a language as such but signs. Leon Pomerance- believes the hieroglyphs were the constellations of stars. Articus- Devised a star chart by going to Krete as he thought it was the best place to do it. Suggestion by Pomerance, may relate to Articus’ poem. • Seal Stones- Charging bulls, bull leaping, priestly figures and sphinx- created by scribes who worked in Admin as well as writing etc. • Michael Ventrus- cracked code of Linear B- some disagree. • Frescoes within the palace of Knossos- palace itself i.e. infrastructure.

In conclusion, the administration as well as the infrastructure, architecture and writing style were all important aspects that provided necessary information in obtaining an understanding of this Bronze Age society. The scribes were the key individuals that provided much of this understanding for modern day historians such as Evans and Gesell, in terms of the abundant number of Linear A and...
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