Minnesota V. Riff

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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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Minnesota v. Riff
Interpersonal Communications/CJA-304
September 24, 2011
University of Phoenix

Identify and discuss the various types of written or oral communication presented in the case and the guidelines for each type of communication. Consider the prosecution, defense, witnesses, and the judge. Write an arrest-and-incident police report using the specified guidelines and parameters for report writing as outlined in the assigned readings. Assume the role of the investigating officer. The report must be factual, accurate, objective, and complete. Ensure the police report is as long as necessary, concise, clear, and mechanically correct. Types of Written and Oral Communication

The various types of written and oral communications that is presented in criminal cases for the prosecution are indictments, police reports, and investigating reports and pictures. Oral communication is when the prosecution has to present their opening statements and closing arguments to the jury. The statements must be clear and concise. Oral communication is shown between the Prosecutor, the Defense Attorney, and the Judge which ensures everyone remains focused on the case at hand and the defendant receives due process and all rights of the defendant are protected. Judge

Written and Oral Communication for Judge in criminal cases would consist of the Judge’s Instruction Sheet which gives written directions and instructions to the Jurors. The Judge exhibits oral communication during criminal cases by acting as a referee. He makes a ruling in the form of Attorney Objections, giving warnings to keep quiet to the courtroom to prevent delays, and warns of any disruptions. The Judge will also announce the opening and closing statements and verbally dismisses the courtroom. Defense

The defense in this situation disputed that Mr. Riff gained the $910.00, from a poker game the evening of the robbery. Mr. Riff had five eyewitnesses...
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