Minnesota Department of Education Multiple Measurement Ratings

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Minnesota Department of Education Multiple Measurement Ratings Tangye Obilade
June 9, 2012
Sheree Dove

In the Minnesota Department of Education press release media disseminate information on the relinquishment of the No Child Left Behind law. In an effort to create an impartial monitoring system of school performance, and an innovative educational program a new accountable structure of school performance in four categories implemented Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR). This consists of four categories, proficiency, growth, progress in closing achievement gaps, and graduation rate. Interest groups in Minnesota express their perspective of Multiple Measurement Rating in particular Parents United for Public Schools with an agenda that works with parents’ school officials, teachers, business, and community leaders across Minnesota promoting a flourishing environment for public schools and the proficiency of the students. Coupled with, holding official elects accountable of policies and funding that enable public schools to meet state and federal standards academically. Moreover, allowing students to reach their highest potential educationally and engaging a statewide network of parents and supporting citizens of Minnesota public school children. Likewise, Education Equity Organizing Collaborative partners with strong community organizations rooted in diverse communities, mostly communities of color. The expressed agendum is to continue to build strategic tools to ensure educational decision leads to profuse equitable outcome for students of color. For instance the “achievement gap” the distinction between students of color, and in poverty and their white counterpart’s performance academically. The Minnesota Department of Education press release on Multiple Measurement Ratings is a combination of informative and persuasive. The release is delivering capacious informative news to enlighten the audience of the implementation of Multiple...
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