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Storage of Nuclear Waste in Minnesota

Nuclear waste can be described as materials such as solids, liquids or gases which are produced during nuclear energy production processes. Minnesota has two nuclear generating plants which indulge in processes such as fission, mining of uranium, weapon production and nuclear research. The Prairie Island and the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant are the two nuclear generating plants which have been in existence and operation since the early 1970s. In the late 1980s, Minnesota faced a very big challenge of how and where to dispose the nuclear waste generated. How to store nuclear energy became worrying when the Prairie Island threatened to close the plant if additional storage space is not established. I will do an analysis on a Journal by Tom Meersman by the title “Nuclear Waste Looks like It Will be In Minnesota awhile” (Meersman 4).

The article, “Nuclear Waste Looks like it will be In Minnesota awhile,” is useful for research on the topic of Storage of Nuclear waste in Minnesota because it explores the major challenges which Minnesota is facing in storing nuclear waste.

The article’s major strength is that it is accurate and reliable in what it reports. It clearly outlines the reason as to why nuclear waste storage will continue posing a big challenge to the nuclear generating plants. Accumulation of highly radioactive wastes in Minnesota is likely to be there for even longer decades than expected because of the new energy policies that are taking shape in Washington. The article clearly brings out the fact that the efforts of nuclear utilities such as the Xcel Energy to ship wastes to Nevada has been crippled due to the postponement of the opening dates indefinitely. At Prairie Island plant, Xcel Energy utility has a large, stainless steel-lined indoor pool and 24 outdoor casks which are filled with radioactive wastes. The utility is seeking for the states approval...
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