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Topics: Mineral, Minerals, Mining Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: March 15, 2013
The Importance of Industrial Minerals in our everyday lives
Industrial Minerals what it is all about? Is it really important to us? When I read the topic, my curiosities begin to start & ask questions in my mind. Industrial Minerals are geological materials which are mined for their commercial value, which are not fuel and are not sources of metals. They are used in their natural state or after beneficiation either as raw materials or as additives in a wide range of applications. It has a lot of role in our everyday lives. But some of us are against on it. If there is no industrial mineral, there is no civilization today, why would this be happened, because every industrial mineral exist in our daily lives. One of its examples is the sugar it is composed of Calcium Carbonate or Limestone to refining it. Another example of it is the food that we eat every day. Who of you does not have a cellphone? Do you know that an average cellphone contains about 24 mgs of gold, 250 mgs of silver, 3,800 mgs of cobalt, and 9 mgs of palladium? As with cellphones, mining touches most aspects of our daily life – when you build your home, use your laptops, take your car to work, or even protest against mining. Clearly, we cannot live without mining. Medicine has a very important role in our lives it cure our sicknesses, but did you know that medicine are made up in minerals. Same as the liquids we drink every day the automobile is composed of an abundance of industrial minerals. Constructing building needs concrete, concrete pavement is composed of cement & aggregate. All of the various kinds of paper are filled with and use limestone, sodium sulfate, lime and soda ash in the processing. It’s sad to know that only few people realize the important role that industrial minerals play in our everyday lives. Mining is not harmful to our natural resources if we just only know how to maintain, control & take care of it. Minerals are like other natural resources it is limited...
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