Minimum Price Per Unit of Alcohol

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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The impact of the minimum price per unit of alcohol on the on and off trade. The Scottish Government has suggested introducing a minimum price per unit of alcohol to reduce binge drinking. The impact of this on the on and off trade will be researched.

The Scottish government has introduced a minimum price per unit of alcohol of £ 0.45. [online] The proposal is to put the price up for really cheap alcohol, with that, less people would have access to that, for example a two litre-bottle of Tesco cider would increase from £1.32 to £3.80, while Asda whisky would rise from £9.20 to £12.60. Would be no change for well know brands, like Johnnie Walker or Bell’s, which all currently retail are above £14.00. [online]

With that, the Government says, the minimum price would have significant health and social benefits including, only in the first year: 50 fewer deaths from alcohol-related harm; 1.200 fewer hospital admissions; a £5.5 million reduction in health care costs 22,900 fewer days absence from work. After 10 years, benefits would increase to: 225 fewer deaths from alcohol-related harm; 4,200 fewer hospital admissions annually; an £83 million reduction in health care. [online] What is an alcohol unit?

One alcohol unit is measured as 10 ml or 8g of pure alcohol. This equals one 25ml single measure of whisky (ABV 40%), or a third of a pint of beer (ABV 5-6%) or half a standard (175ml) glass of red wine (ABV 12%). How many units are in a drink can be calculated by: strength (ABV) x volume (ml) ÷ 1000 = No of units. For example a pint of Stella - 5.2 x 568 ÷ 1000 = 2.95 [online] Health secretary Nicola Sturgeon said that it is saving lives, saving money and also saving future generations. She also said: “Getting the price right is vital for minimum pricing to work – too low and it simply be ineffective. After careful consideration, we believe that 45p is the right price.” Dr Harry Burns,...
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