Minicase: Land Escape Vacation Club

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University of Santo Tomas
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Minicase: Land Escape Vacation Club

Case Analysis and Presentation

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Mr. Mario C. Angeles

Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements


BA21 (Sales Management)

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Alcaraz, Juan Paulo 3M4
Conanan, Joy Loraine 3M4

Go, Emmanuel 3M4

Marquez, Mirasol 3M4
Quijano, Joza 3M4
Tan, Jacquelyn 3M4

29 January 2013

I. Statement of the Problem

The firm’s sales in La Jolla, California have been inconsistent for the past two years. Denise London, the sales manager, have been asked by the VP of the firm to review the profiles of her three sales people and come up with a better plan to improve sales.

c. Background of the Case

Land Escape Vacation Club sells fractional interests in time-share vacation properties at various beach locations. Denise London, the sales manager of the firm, has three sales people: Catalina Curtis, Zach Jones and John Sargent. Catalina didn’t really plan to be a sale person and only wants her job now to be temporary until an opportunity in the media world comes up because that’s what she really wants. Although she is unhappy in her work, she is good in making a relationship with her customers. Zach is the youngest of the three and the most active but he doesn’t really know if he would stay with the firm or not. John is the oldest of the three and has mastered the art of time-sharing selling. Although he has a lot of potential for the company, John is now more interested in his hobby rather than his work. He is also intimidated by the fact that he is being managed by a person younger than him and he has no intention of being promoted anymore.

}. Objectives

1. Motivate the sales force to increase sales.
2. Understand the individuals’ role in the sales force.

IV.Analysis of the External Environment

The firm has a big opportunity to increase sales...
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