Mini Imc Plan

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Advertising Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Executive Summary
Company Background
* History of Mini – Timeline
* Marketing Mix – Past & Now
Corporate/Brand and Buyer Behavior Analyses
* Brand Elements (Brand Name, URL, Logo, Tagline)
* CBBE (Consumer-based Brand Equity Pyramid)
* Brand knowledge (Awareness Pyramid, TOM [Top of Mind]& Recognition< awareness & Reference Matrix) * Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour
* Types of Buying Decision Behaviour
* Buyer Decision Process
IMC Planning Process
* 3C’s Analysis
* STP (Segmentation, Target Marketing and Positioning)
* Communication Objectives
* Budget & IMC Components
IMC Tools Design
* 6 Steps to Develop an Ad Campaign
* Research – Online Survey
Means –end Chain
* Appeals
* Message Strategy

Let the chapter

Meeting with Amy on Monday 22/10/2012
Deborah has gracefully volunteered to prepare PowerPoint slides for our presentation on Monday. The slides will capture the plan of action shown on the previous page. Week 1
* Survey – send to 300 people to be sure of at least 150people feedback * Start work on Company background – Everybody does individual research and submit findings at our next meeting. Date of meeting to be decided after we meet Amy on Monday. a. Research could include videos from previous advertising campaigns – 60s to date * Corporate Branding Analyses

Week 2
* Consumer Buying Behaviour and Analyses. – Need Karen to help with factors influencing CBB by getting in touch with her friends (to be discussed at next meeting) * Start work on IMC Planning Process – Week 2 and 3.

* IMC Tools Design
Week 3
* Start work on IMC Planning Process – Week 2 and 3.
* IMC Tools Design
Week 4
* Apply finishing touch.
We decided on the basis of the evidence of competence, that Deborah and Riccardo will lead our group for the IMC Project. They both have had solid...
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