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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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iniBruce Stillman

I researched a very talented man named Bruce Stillman, Bruce began sculpting his junior year in high school. His high school art teacher recalls, “He was always evolving, constantly exploring new ideas. I simply lit the fuse and Bruce went off to create one concept after another. He was introduced to stainless steel through a friend dealing in scrap metal and liked the balancing characteristics and luster of the metal for his rocking sculpture designs. His early pieces were constructed of copper and brass that would attract the admiration and interest of buyers at local art fairs. He has an affinity for motion.” Bruce went on to study in northern Illinois University to then return to full time studio work in Minnesota. Although light and shadow, negative and positive space, depth and perspective, texture and form are important, Stillman considers motion a prime element to his sculptures. Stillman’s work is often kinetic in nature, carefully constructed and balanced so that slight changes in the wind or touch will set them in motion. He said, “I approach motion as an added dimension to 3-dimensional sculpture and interpret my style of motion as having a lively energy, playing with gravity, a slow tranquil motion that sucks in a viewer’s judgment, is relaxing and almost hypnotic to watch. My outdoor sculptures move with the wind. In some case, I consider them a tool for the environment to express itself, from the delicacy of the breeze to the power of high winds. Indoor pieces are operated manually by starting the bottom weight swing, while the counter weight slows the motion.” A sculpture that I enjoyed was called untitled, Untitled fulfills 4 dimensions: height, width, depth, and movement. It portrays the visible power of gravity, the interplay of wind and movement, and the unpredictability of the elements on our world. The brightly colored circles add a sense of fantasy to the sculpture. Untitled is located in a courtyard outside the...
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