Mini Case for Asian Business

Topics: Leadership, Management, Charismatic authority Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Shuhao Chen
Hongxin Zhao
1. The characteristics are boldness, innovation, perfection, low power distance and opening. Furthermore, in order to develop globally, the Asian leadership also should know how to combine the Western and the Eastern advantages of doing business together. These characteristics can efficiently help all the leaders do their job well, no matter them are Western or Eastern leaders. For instance, innovation is one of the most important characteristics. In today’s fast-paced business world, if you are not innovating, you are falling behind. Every organization today needs to do more with less, reach new customers, and use resources wisely. Whether you are developing a completely new game-changing product or simply finding a new process to save money, these are all innovations. As a business leader, you must foster innovation with your team to meet your ever increasing goals. 2. The philosophical foundations are loyalty and kind. Katayama is loyal to his company for 25 years which cost his whole entire career. Kim reduced the power distance in his company. It can be considered kind to his employees. Though this way, Kim implemented a corporate culture to his employees. 3. Charismatic leadership can be reflected at Kim, the CEO of SK telecom. He reduced the power distance from leaders to employees in his company. The employees would really like this kind of leader. The transformational leader ship can be reflected at the current Fung leader, this leader learned advanced business knowledge from western, and transformed the way of running company from eastern management philosophy to western management philosophy. The transactional leadership can be reflected at katayma. He used innovational and bold way to bring more profit for his company.
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