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Group Assignment 2
Analysis the Information system support for
Sale process of Minh Hieu Mobile company.

March - 2013

Table of Contents
I.Executive summary3
II.Background of the organization4
III.Description of the business process4
IV.Description of the existing IT/IS to support the process6
V.Analysis of strengths and weakness of the process6
VII.Implementation Plan8
IX.List of reference:9

Executive summary
Purpose of assignment: Analyze the business process of a company, examine the IS use and issues of this company and develop a plan recommending more effective use of information and communication technologies. Selected company: Minh Hieu Mobile company

The analyzed business process : Sale process
What we have done: Collect the information about the company; discuss with Sale manager of the company to understand the organization and management system of the company; apply the knowledge of information system management to analyze the business and recommendation for improvement of the information system of the company. Group members:

* Nguyen Thanh Ngoc
* Tran Hong Nhung
* Do Van Linh
* Mai Hoang Oanh
* Tong Thi Ngoc Quynh
* Bui Khanh Son
* Nguyen Thi Bich Hang

II. Background of the organization
Name of the company: Minh Hieu mobile Ltd. (Minh Hieu Mobile) Minh Hieu Mobile Limited is a small mobile trading company established in 2010 and located in Ha Noi city. At present, the company has more than 20 employees and has 3 mobile showrooms in Dong Da district, Hai Ba Trung district and Thanh Xuan district of Hanoi. The scope of services for Minh Hieu Mobile includes: Selling mobile and accessories, mobile repair services. Due to the small of scale, the management and the organization of the company is very simple with two departments is Sale – Purchase and Accounting. The Sale department is responsible for managing 3 showrooms. Figure 1: Organization structure of Minh Hieu Mobile company Director

Sale - Purchase

Showroom 1
Showroom 2
Showroom 3

III. Description of the business process
According to the information provided by Sale managers, we understand the Sale process of the company as below: Showrooms are equipped computer and internet to support for business, each showroom is operating almost independently. There is some limitation of communication and exchange of information between showrooms of Minh Hieu mobile. Normally, at the end of the day, the head of showroom makes a sale report and sends to Sale Manager and Accounting department via email. After that, based on the report, Sale and Accounting update into the Accounting system and Warehouse for monitoring the inventory and finance. The Figure 2 illustrates the process for purchasing a mobile from a Minh Hieu’s store If a customer request to buy a mobile, the sale staff firstly checks if the mobile is in the show-case. In case the mobile is not in the show-case, the sale staff will check to warehouse of the showroom. If the product is available, the sale staff will deliver the mobile to the customer, then bill and print the invoice. The mobile will be received by the customer and he/she will bring it to technical staff for setup then it is all set. If the mobile is not available on the shelves, the sale staff will check the warehouse. If the warehouse has this mobile, the sale staff will give a delivery order to the warehouse to get the mobile and deliver to customer. If the mobile is out of stock, the sale staff will ask if the customer wants to order this item. If customer agrees, the sale staff prepares the order, sets up an appointment to customer and requests the Sale department to import the mobile. Take request

Search shelves
Delivery and billing by the clerk
Deliver to the cashier on the end-day
Propose warehouse
Get from warehouse
Search in wearhose??
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