Mineral and Water Function Essay

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  • Published : August 25, 2012
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Minerals are needed nutrients that are necessary for our bodies. Without these important nutrients in our bodies, we will suffer from a risk of deficiency in our diets. The functions of nutrients help our bodies to maintain its daily functions. Iron, for an example is a very important mineral. This particular mineral is needed in the body because this would put us at risk of having anemia. Other minerals sources are calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are needed for the bones. There are other minerals such as fluoride, which is important for the teeth as well as the bones. Then there is iodine, which is needed for the synthesis of the thyroid hormones. The other sources of minerals are zinc, which is needed for many enzymes and the activity of the numbers of vitamins and hormones. Others are sodium, chloride and potassium, which are electrolytes, which are good for regulating blood pressure. Water is considered a macronutrient. This macronutrient maintains our fluid balance and also the water that goes out of us is needs to be replaced by a certain intake taken back into the body. Water replenishes our bodies and also keeps our joints moisture and smooth. We are to drink water to survive because our bodies are made up of a certain percentage of water; therefore, we need water to live. When we sweat, our bodies loses a lot of water and we have to replenish our bodies with water so we will stay hydrated. Also, when a woman is pregnant water in the amniotic bag protects the fetus. Dehydration occurs when our bodies are depleted when there is not enough water taken in and the effects of this can cause dizziness, lightheadedness, and fatigue. Some people have been known to pass out from dehydration. We really cause a lot of damage to our bodies when we are dehydrated. A person that is active really needs to drink an excess amount of water because the water is loss from the activity performed. If a person doesn’t drink the required amount, his body will suffer...
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