Mineral and Water Function

Topics: Nutrition, Mineral, Water intoxication Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Mineral and Water Function
Charles Persinger
University of Phoenix
SCI/241 Laura Morgan
March 3, 2013

According to WebMD (2013), “The body needs many minerals; these are called essential minerals. Essential minerals are sometimes divided up into major minerals (macro-minerals) and trace minerals (micro-minerals). These two groups of minerals are equally important, but trace minerals are needed in smaller amounts than major minerals. The amounts needed in the body are not an indication of their importance.”

Minerals are used by the body for various things like: proper fluid balance, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, improve bone and tooth health and they help to maintain functionality of nerves. Every organ and every function of our body requires ore or more minerals and nutrients to perform correctly. We get minerals from numerous foods such as: meats, poultry, dairy, seafood and fruits and vegetables. Every food has its own nutritional values.

Water is the main component of the human body. Without water our bodies would dry out and our organs would not be able to function. Water is used remove toxins from the body, carry nutrients and minerals to our cells and is used for hydrating ears, nose and throat tissues. We lose water constantly through our breath, sweat and waste evacuations so it is always in need of replenishing. If you do not keep you body hydrated it can lead to dehydration. This happens when there is not enough water in your body for it to function correctly. Dehydration can show itself in the following ways: dry skin or mouth, decreased urine output, muscle fatigue, lack of concentration or a general sense of tiredness (Mayo Clinic, 2013).

While not getting enough water can lead to dehydration, too much water can lead to water intoxication. This happens when there is too much water in the system and can be just as dangerous. Water intoxication is basically the same as drowning. The cells and tissues become...
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