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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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Minecraft is a game where the player uses their imagination to shape the world around them using the resources they find. In the world everything is shaped like a block or a cube, this includes the trees, the dirt, the water, the clouds, even the sun, everything. This simple game hasn’t even been released yet but has already sold over one million copies. Minecraft was created by one man, Markus “Notch” Persson, and this is his story.

What makes the story of Minecraft so unique is that it was created by Notch and only Notch. Notch had a job before Minecraft, working on games for a company. He started to work on Minecraft in his free time but after a giant popularity spike he realized that it could be a hit, so he quit his job and began working full time on Minecraft. The game was selling like like hotcakes and it was not about to stop, So Notch created his own company, Mojang Studios, 7 people big.

Usually to get a game famous it has to have a publisher or some kind of marketing to back it up, Minecraft became famous in a way nobody expected, by word of mouth. The game’s name started to spread onto forums everywhere, YouTube videos, blogs, news stations on TV. The game was selling itself. But one of the biggest reasons of the game being so popular was because of a problem, a server breakdown. One day one of Notch’s Minecraft servers distributing the game went down, now he had 2 options until the server was fixed, make the game available to nobody, or make it available to everybody... for free. He chose to make it free for a time. Making Minecraft free helped spread the popularity even further. Leading to the end of his job and the forming of Mojang.

Suddenly out of the explosion of Minecraft, publishers and investors came running to Minecraft seeing that it was getting absolutely massive, but one of the things that makes this company so amazing is that they own themselves. With all the sales of Minecraft they do not need a big name publisher or a flow of...
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