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Josh Crews
Mrs. McGaulley
AP English 3
The Tone of “In and Of Ourselves We Trust”
In the article “In and Of Ourselves We Trust” by Andy Rooney, the speaker uses tone to allow the reader to recognize the mutual trust of humanity and the law. For example, when the author states, “It’s amazing that we ever trust each other to do the right thing, isn’t it?”, he uses an appreciative tone. This is shown through the speakers’ appreciation of knowing that humanity will automatically do what is right even when it is not convenient for humanity. Even though he didn’t want to stop at the light, he did, and he is appreciative of the fact that other human beings would stop at the red light as well. There is a plethora of examples that show the speakers appreciation for this unseen force, as for example, “We do what we say what we’ll do. We show up when we say we’ll show up.” This example shows that humanity has the natural instinct to accomplish our wishes. Furthermore, the speaker uses a proud tone in the example, “I was so proud of myself for stopping for that red light.” Thus, stating that he was proud that he did do right and realized that he didn’t think twice about it. Pride is one of mankind’s’ best attributes and sometimes the worst. In this case, pride is granting the speaker a chance to express his gratitude for humanity’s uncanny ability to surprise itself and show we are naturally striving for greatness. Following that, he states “…no one would ever have known what a good person I was…I had to tell someone.” Saying that shows the speaker wants to boast and tell the readers of his accomplishment.
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