Topics: Tobacco, Nicotine, Chewing tobacco Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The hero saunters in, the stubble causing many shadows on his face, his mop of hair, a bunch of ruffled gardens. His forehead bleeds, his shirt baring his chest, knots up just above his waist. From his endless long legs to eyes blazing grey hatred, the camera zooms in on his fingers. In the fingers, dangles a pale white pipe-a cigarette. And he heaves in a long breath, inhales a fat bit of the tobacco and is ready for more punching. The kid on the other side of the screen almost ogles out of his sockets, eyes rolling out just about. His hero, his man of biggest action on 70mm, loves his smoke and delivers, WOW! The ‘WOW’ that the kid takes home is what begins another saga with the cigarette What exactly I want to convey to the reader from this illustration which is rather a very practical one is that it is the bollywood matinees which sometimes acts as a promoter in case of some bad habits. I am really sorry to say but resulting scenario is that some bad or ruthless behavior is adopted by several youngsters who are fans of their respective favorite stars. Thanks to our films. They celebrate smoke-fed heroes, paan chewing villains and well show it all, a young women injecting that ‘magical’ something that shows her the ‘other unseen’ world, a school boy stealing smokes in between shots at studies or even from under the quilt. The images are endless. The consequences even bigger and yet more endless & sometimes, sadly irreversible. How tobacco is an upcoming as a fashion? Can be very well observed from mentality of college going youngsters. Tobacco chewing is nothing other than just a fashion adopted by millions of college going students meets a very newly admitted student and offers him a cigar and he refuses. The first and foremost impression his senior will have of him that “he is still a child” the mentality has become such obsessive that people see drug addiction as a fashion and mandatory act. ‘Film, fashion and tobacco’ how...
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