Topics: Avoidant personality disorder, Schizoid personality disorder, Mental disorder Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Tyler is 15 year old boy who has the Schizoid Personality Disorder. He is currently living at home with his mother and younger sister. His mother describes Tyler as “always being an odd child” who had significant difficulty relating to his peers. As a child he would spend a great deal of time alone involved in role playing. She said that social situations always provoke great anxiety in Tyler and he is extremely socially inept. Currently Tyler rarely socializes, and when he is not in school he spends most of his time on his computer. Tyler spends several hours a day on the Internet playing on-line games and interacting with others in chat rooms. Tyler reports having one close real-life friend but it is not clear when he sees this person. However, he did list several “online friends”, none of whom he has actually met in person. Tyler has a history of doing poorly in mainstream school and currently is attending a vocational school. He reports being very anxious at school because he “doesn’t fit in”. His mother suffers from depression and anxiety, and he has two maternal uncles diagnosed with schizophrenia. People with schizoid personality disorder often are reclusive, organizing their lives to avoid contact with other people. Many never marry or continue to live with their parents as adults. Other common traits of people with this disorder include the following 1. They do not desire or enjoy close relationships, even with family members. 2. They choose solitary jobs and activities.

3. They take pleasure in few activities, including sex.
4. They have no close friends, except first-degree relatives. 5. They have difficulty relating to others.
6. They are indifferent to praise or criticism.
7. They are aloof and show little emotion.
8. They might daydream and/or create vivid fantasies of complex inner lives. Schizoid personality disorder is a psychiatric condition in which a person has a lifelong pattern of indifference to others and...
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