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This chapter presents the background of the study, which contains the general description, and may include the broader description of the topic; the objectives of the study, which states what is to be achieved by the study; the scope and limitations of the study, which states the extent and limits of the study. Background of the Study

The Luisa and Son Bakeshop was established in 1965 when Mrs. Luisa Paredes began baking out of her home kitchen for friends and family. She started as a humble, small-scale, family-friendly neighbourhood bakery. And the business was passed from generation to generation. The eldest son of Mrs. Paredes, Mr. Edgar Paredes continued to manage the business until he had he’s own family. Eventually his daughter, Ms. Mik Mariano inherited the love for baking from her grandmother.

When the demand for more baked goods grew, Mik purchased a second oven and supplied their neighbours with her products. The outdoor venues generated for many years but as the demand for their products grew, Mik eventually rented a unit in QNET Building located in Nueno Ave., Imus Cavite.

The current owner of the Luisa and Son Bakeshop is Mr. Edgar Paredes, he manages and supervises the entire business hands on with the help of his family, specially her daughter Ms. Mik Mariano who graduated under the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and was assigned as the Operations Manager. The organizational chart of the bakeshop is shown in Figure 1.

Mr. Edgar Paredes

Ms. Marissa Merallos
Book keeper Secretary
Mrs. Edna Pacheco
Ms. Mik Mariano
Operations Manager


Figure 1.
(Organizational Chart of Luisa and Son Bakeshop)

The products were famous in the neighbourhood of the family and it is being endorsed by the customers. Their only way of promotion and endorsement is through word of the mouth. And now that they had their first branch, the owner is in need of a new way on how to be able to promote their business and gain more customers, which is a web site. A web site is a set of related web pages containing text, images, video and audio. Through this, the customers may be able to browse on the products offered by the bakeshop and they will be able to order online which will be a less hassle. Name of Employees| Position|

1. Mariano, Mik| Operation Manager|
2. Pacheco, Edna| Accountant|
3. Merallos, Marissa| Book keeper Secretary|
4. Lamana, Lilybeth| Sales|
5. Iyas, Jaime| Sales|
6. Lanusa, Emily| Sales|
7. Martinez, Joey| Production Helper|
8. Soriano, Sylva| Production Helper|
9. Borres, Mikee| Production Helper|
10. Ople, Maybeline| Production Helper|

Table 1.
(Employees of Luisa and Son Bakeshop)

The Luisa and Son Bakeshop runs the business today with a staff of 3 for sales and 4 for production as shown in Table 1. The shop is open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

Statement of the Problem
General Problem:
How to design, develop and implement an Online Ordering and Billing System for Luisa & Son Bakeshop? Specific Problems:
1. How to design a module that will advertise, promote and endorse the products? It is given that it exists as a store for a specific location, still there’s a limit for promoting, advertising and endorsing the store as well as the product. 2. How to develop a module that is efficient and user-friendly particularly in accepting online orders? Since it is an online system for ordering, it must include on how to give an effective and complete satisfaction for the order options. 3. How to design a module that can quickly compute an accurate customer’s bill?

Ordering also includes billing for the customers and must give them a purchasing idea. 4. How to develop a module that will generate reports needed by the company?
Report generation is very important and needed for a production record....
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