Mind Walk

Topics: Human, Evolution, Life Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: January 18, 2011
oseph William Watson
Andrew Short
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November, 2010

Mind-Walk Take-Home Mid-Term

Question #1
According to Sonia, “life is simply self-organization”. She explains why “life is self-organization” in three different categories .The first category in Sonia’s self-organization theory is self-maintaining. Self-maintaining basically states that life depends on many different things, however it doesn’t determines the things it wants. One example that is related is based on our environment. Our environment relay on many things to be sustainable, however it can’t determine things that are highly important. Look at plants; they are force to rely on water, soil and sun to help survive. We in the other hand, rely on plants for both air and food to survive. Self-renewing is the second category in Sonia’s self-organization theory. The replacement of new cells can be an example of this. Even though, a red blood cell have a short lifespan of four month, it somehow get renew with new cells. Without a replacement of new cells, your body will have problems and eventually death will occur. Self-renew, overall, states that there is cycle of every living thing and we should be aware of it. Finally, self-transcending is the last category in Sonia’s self-organization theory. Self-transcending allows anything to evolve in life. Evolutionary change can be an example of this. Since the dawn of time, in theory, primates evolved into to the modern Homo sapiens. Evolutionary change is the key to survival. I believe that primates changed somehow to human due to various unknown conditions billions of years ago. Also through science, we learned that humans are related to apes by comparing Hereditary DNA from both humans and primates. I believe that Sonia’s self-organization theory has an approach of becoming more holistic and Cartesian. The Cartesian approach, allows us to consider the self-organization theory as a modern version to see the world. Think for a second and...
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