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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Program Objectives
e e s e

Determine what defines a leader. Understand your style as a leader. Develop strategies to lead with greater effectiveness. Choose an effective leadership style.

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Program Objectives

Motivate through example, method, and approach. Sharpen your communication skills (the foundation).


Practice, discuss, and problem solve.

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A Challenge a One Sentence Definition Please write

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Definitio n

Leadership: A person who leads others along a way; a guide.

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Leadershi p Leadership is a complex process
involving three dimensions:

e r n

the leader; the employees; and the demands of the situation. Page 6


Effective Leadership Checklist (1 of 5)

Able to handle the boss or other managers. Able to manage time wisely -- can establish priorities and not get swamped down by minor details. Results oriented: "I do not care how you do it. Just do it."



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 Effective Leadership Checklist (2 of 5)

Able to read between the lines. People do not always tell you everything -how they say something is often as important as what they say. t

A good example for employees. They cannot break the rules and expect employees to adhere to them. Able to handle emergencies.


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 Effective Leadership Checklist (3 of 5)

s -

Firm, yet fair -- a very difficult combination. Able to be close to employees and still be the boss -- particularly difficult when managing friends and former peers. Effective at handling problem employees. These tough cases will consume great amounts of supervisory time and energy. Page 9



Effective Leadership Checklist (4 of 5) 

Decisive even in highly ambiguous situations. Supervisors should not be paralyzed into inaction due to a lack of information. Politically skilled. Able to use authority wisely. Too much use of authority and you are a tyrant; too little and you are a cream puff. Page 10

i l


Effective Leadership Checklist (5 of 5) 
s y

Patient. Good at handling stress. They must resist taking job-related stress home since this can damage ones family/social life. Motivated. They have to like the supervisory job in spite of all its problems and have the will to manage. Page 11



What They Never Tell You But We Will (1 of 3)
 You are not alone.  Do not assume that you can

become an expert in a day or a couple of months.

 There are no perfect supervisors.

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