Mind Reading Techniques

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  • Published : March 12, 2011
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Don't you just wish you know enough mind reading techniques to help advance your career? Or perhaps you'd like to use them to deal with relationships? Whatever your reason might be, you don't have to settle for just wishing anymore.

There are mind reading techniques out there that are accessible to anyone. Reading people's thoughts or mood has a lot to do with body language. It's not really that surprising since the mind basically tells the body what to do and how it should react.

Just scroll down this article to find out how.

Mind Reading Techniques # 1: Read The Eyes.

A person's eyes can be quite expressive. Even someone who doesn't really show a lot of emotion can reveal his or her feelings through the eyes.

If a person's pupils get bigger (unless the room is dark), then you can bet that he or she is interested, aroused, or afraid. If the pupils get smaller (unless the room is bright), then the person is indifferent.

Practice reading eyes by studying your own pupils in front of a mirror. Think of something you like and watch how your pupils change.

Mind Reading Techniques # 2: Crossing Of Arms

When you're at a meeting and you see somebody with crossed arms, there is a good chance that this person is closing himself or herself from the rest of the group. He or she might be uncomfortable with whatever is being discussed.

To help ease the tension, perhaps you can offer this person a drink, ask their opinion, change the current flow of the conversation or switch to an entirely different topic.

Mind Reading Techniques # 3: Unnecessary Body Movements

Watch out for unnecessary body movements. These often happen when a person is nervous about something. Others are more prone to give themselves away because they usually have mannerisms attached to their emotions.

I know a person who would always shift his weight from one foot to another when nervous. By reading into these mannerisms, you'll be able to tell that something is bothering...
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