Mind Reading: Pshycology Degree

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MIND READING: Determining Her Type


o what’s great about this system is that there are 8 types, but you only

need to figure out 3 things about her to know her type.

The first thing you need to find out is her timeline. Tester / Investor. You

need to know that in the first 30 seconds to a minute. The second thing you

need to find out is if she’s a Denier or Justifier. You need to know that before

you start touching, or before you change locations with her or plan a date.

And the third is if she is a Realist or Idealist. That will determine how you

position yourself but it won’t come into play until she starts thinking about

relationships with you.

That’s not to say that you can’t figure out all 3 lines much faster, and know

her exact type, but generally those are like the DEADLINES.

You’ll want to have an idea of her timeline or Tester or Investor before

a couple minutes of talking to her. You’ll want to know her sex line or

Denier or Justifier before you move locations and you’ll want to know her

relationship line Realist or Idealist before she starts thinking relationships

with you.2

So you have a couple tools her – first of call, on this website you have the

profiler that you can use, it’s pretty damn accurate – if you meet a new

woman just fill in the questions in the profiler and it will tell you with pretty

good accuracy what type she is.

You also have the time line, sex line and relationship line sections that came

before this one. If you’re not sure exactly, you can listen to those and see if

you can match her behaviors to one of the descriptions.

Then there are other clues...

Like with a Tester – she is going to have more guys around her than women.

Some are tricky though, remember this is the one that women fake the

most. But Testers will have a shorter attention span prefers changing the

topic rapidly, be more into multitasking, texting people while she’s having

a conversation with someone else (guys or girls) The Tester will usually be

OK with compliments, more unaffected by them than anything else. While

an Investor takes a compliment more seriously – it’s a bigger risk but if it

works there’s more of a reward.

Then there’s Denier and Justifiers… one is her religious upbringing, which

isn’t always accurate but it’s a great clue if you don’t have anything else – a

Denier will usually still be consistent with her religious upbringing while

a Justifier won’t be religious at all or even rebel against her upbringing. 3

Here’s a good one – her health and safety – Deniers are usually much more

careful with her health and safety – less likely to be smokers, less like likely

to do drugs… Another one – if a girl has a tattoo, especially if she has more

than one tattoo – that’s a GREAT sign she’s a Justifier. Justifiers are more

likely to take risks with safety – they will go somewhere with a guy they

don’t know very well – they’ll get in a car with him on the first date; she’ll

even go on vacation with him for the first date sometimes. Also Justifiers

are more comfortable with being touched aggressively by guys, Deniers

aren’t. Also – how comfortable they are with sex talk. Justifiers will talk

about sex openly when they first meet someone, while Deniers will get shy

and embarrassed.

And finally; Realists and Idealists. Realists are more careers focused – her

schooling or job is her priority… Don’t get that confused with flaking,

Realists and Idealists both flake – Realists flake because of work and

Idealists flake to hang out with another guy. Realists believe that women

are equals with men and can be just as powerful and successful, and

Idealists think that men and women should have different roles. Realists

are also the type to take care of other people in their life, like their family

and friends, while Idealists usually end up with other people...
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