Mind Muscle Connection

Topics: Nervous system, Muscle, Axon Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: December 2, 2012
I have put together a brief summary of how important a mind muscle connection is, and have touched on the following topics in chronological order:

1) Introduction
2) Currect 'bro-split' analysis and effectiveness
3) Examples of optimising the mind-muscle connection
4) Defined example - brought out of context
5) Defined example - put back into context
6) A scientific approach
7) A scientific approach - taken out of context
8) The importance of myelin
9) Myelin and skill
10) Conclusion

In order to build muscle for example, one must gain an efficient mind muscle connection - therefore more experienced bodybuilders have adapted a stronger neurological connection between their mind and the muscle group they have chosen to work out.

Thus, by doing a chest/tri split your mind muscle connection is 'active' during the chest phase of the workout, since you're getting the muscle pumped before breaking it down. However, regarding the tris part, the muscle is already pumped subliminally through it being a secondary muscle group when working out chest.

Therefore IMO, a more effective split, for example, would be chest/bis since you are initiating mental focus twice as opposed to once. if that makes any sence?

In order to substantiate my aforementioned point regarding a mind-muscle connection I put forward the idea of the disabled:

Taken out of context in order to further develop a holistic view, we analyse a blind man. Since this person has lost one of his senses he is much more dependant on other senses such as touch for example. Therefore the mind muscle connection has created strong links between the brain/nervous system and nerves in his fingers (braille) to ensure the human flys (recalling upon both the fight or flight theory and Darwin's natural selection - and also a point that Tread-m touched upon in his most recent post, the Causality Paradigm - Cause and Effect ).

Now, if we put this back into context, a bodybuilder would aim to...
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