Mind Mapping

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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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Outline Style Mind Mapping

Main Idea – My decision to enroll in College

First Subtopic – Why I am attending College

Detail – Future Career Goal after the Military
Detail – Use of Civilian Education to further Military Career
Detail – Take full advantage of a Free Education

Second Subtopic – What do I intend to gain from the experience

Detail – I intend to get a Bachelors Degree in Child and Family Development.
Detail – The skills necessary and required to be a great Social Worker
Detail – The satisfaction in knowing I dedicated myself to pursing a College degree without stepping into a classroom and I succeeded.

Third Subtopic – What qualities or skills do I have that make me suited for studying in a technological age

Detail – I think I am very much into doing things at my own pace and that tells me I can be an active participant in a classroom environment even if I am not physically in a classroom.
Detail – When I am focused on a goal, I will not quit until I have completed it and finishing my degree is my biggest goal right now.
Detail – I am very good at using Word processors as opposed to hand writing assignments so that helps me when it comes time to do essays or anything else related to the Microsoft Office Suite. Because I sit at a computer all day at work, I am very computer friendly and can easily navigate my way around a virtual classroom as well.

Fourth Subtopic – What will I do that will make me successful at this
Detail – FOCUS!! As my unit is getting ready to deploy, I am going to be working late hours and its going to take all my focus away from school at times. I will need to be on “A” game for this class.

Detail – DEDICATE!! Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.
Detail – MOTIVATE!! Now during the Holiday season and being pregnant, I am going to have to dig deep and make sure I am getting all my schoolwork done and turned in on time.

Fifth Subtopic – What things do I feel will be a...
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