Mind/Body Problem in Philosophy

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  • Published : November 3, 2009
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Mind/Body Problem in Philosophy
Barbara Buchanan
University of Phoenix

Mind/Body Problem in Philosophy
The History of Psychology plays a big role in the interest of Psychology and Philosophy today. Several theories have been developed and refined over the hundreds of years of history in Philosophy and Psychology. Included in this report will be the discussion of the realm of the mind and consciousness, the mind and consciousness in relation to the physical body, and the independence of physical functions of the body through the central nervous system. The Realm of Mind and Consciousness

It was believed at one time that the mind was a product of the brain. The mind is a collection of thoughts and knowledge based on influence or life experiences. The Idea that we are born with our mind as a piece of white paper seems to be not far off from the truth. In order for thoughts and ideas to be brought about the human consciousness, there would have had to have been some sort of influence or exposure at one time from the moment we were conceived. Consciousness is the state of awareness by sensation, emotion, and thought. The Realm of Mind and Consciousness is Awareness. We live in consciousness at all times, whether we are aware if it or not. Life happens around us and whether we pay attention to our surrounds or not, we are aware and conscious of our surroundings. Consider sitting in your living room and you are reading a book. Your children are playing outside and you have your windows open. You may be engrossed in your book, but you can still hear the children even though you are focused on your story. In other words, you are still conscious of your surroundings even though you are focused on your book.

Relation to the Physical Body
The idea of Dualism, the idea that world consists of Mind and matter, would suggest that there is a separation. The body takes up...
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