Mind and Sportsmanship

Topics: Mind, Cheating, Lie Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Sportsmanship goes beyond playing sports in this generation. The key word for having good sportsmanship is honesty. Sportsmanship plays a role in today’s society not only in sports, but in school and the job industry as well. The way sportsmanship is being taught to the younger generation is also to blame; Such as the media, coaches, and parents. Sportsmanship is sportsman like conduct, as fairness, courtesy, being a cheerful loser. The idea of being on a team is to do your best, work together and use your skills to follow the rules and win fairly. This generation has taken “Sportsmanship” and turned it into “winning”. Sports teams have become so obsessed with the idea and feeling of winning, they tend to do anything and everything to accomplish that. In most cases for sports they will try take steroids to up their ability and strength; only to win the game. Not only are steroids illegal, but there are also terrible consequences on your body if you take them. Kids have created a habit in school to cheat so they can get that A on that test so they feel accomplished. Do they really feel accomplished for cheating to get that A though? We have cheated ourselves so much that we start convincing our minds that it is normal to cheat instead of using the sources our teachers give us to learn. Along with children and schooling, it’s the same for grown-ups and the job industry. People now lie on their resumes and applications to get a job that they are possibly not even qualified for. When they get that job they get paid money that someone who is qualified to do better work and is more deserving. This day in age has become a bunch of liars in all reality. People have found it to be easier to lie and get away with it to make them look better instead of just being honest. In the mind that creates a satisfaction because they are looked up upon for the things that they are lying about. This also creates a trust issue between all people. Making bosses feel like they have...
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