Mind and Brain Distinction

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Mind and Brain Distinction
The human brain is the most complex amongst all brains in species. Human brains posses a mind at its highest expression with the capacity of self-awareness, consciousness of experience and most importantly, reasoning. Animals are also capable of some level of reasoning, they’re conscious of their existence and experiences which is what differences them and humans from other non-reasoning beings. All this

self-conscious organisms are able to process information and react upon it because of the presence of a functioning brain. It is not possible to reason or to have a mind without this physical organ. However, if we think about the possibility of a robot with an artificial brain, not all brains necessarily exist and function with a mind automatically attached to it. A specific physical element inside the brain in order for a being to have a “mind”, does not exist or is not yet known. The beginning of the mind in a human being takes place at the very start of the existence of a functioning brain. During the fifth month of the development of a human fetus, the brain is complete, able to think and acquire memory. The mind comes in hand with the existence of the brain, its capacity starts to develop and expand as the brain continues to develop with time. If the brain of a human being for some reason ceases to evolve, mind capacity and consciousness also become atrophied and limited to what is considered normal or average mind capacity for that individual’s particular age. Like Brooke Greenberg, for example, a teenager born in 1993 who has remained physically and cognitively as a small child with an estimated mental age of nine months to a year despite her increasing age. Brooke Greenberg is the living example which demonstrates that the mind’s development is not a unique and separate entity, it requires and depends on a functioning and developing brain in order to grow in consciousness and reasoning. All living beings with a brain have a...
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