Mind and Body This Week

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Mind and Body This Week
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1. Summary of Bad stress, good stress
”Bad stress, good stress” is an article. The article is wrote by Sacha Bonsor in 2005. In the article, Sacha Boncor wrote about how to handle stress. And he wrote that some people find it difficult to deal with their stress. He also wrote that in year 2004 stress had cost the UK economy £13.5 billion through lost productivity and increased illness at work. In the article Dr. Frank Bond said that nobody likes the feeling of stress, but those who are best able to manage it have high levels of what he calls ‘psychological flexibility’. This is a term increasingly used by academics and psychologists, to describe people who use their fearful situations for a constructive end. Dr. Frank Bond also says in the article, When people say they are stressed, it was not what they mean. They mean that they are afriad of felling afriad or of looking stupid. The persons who deal badly, they will go out of their way to avoid situations where they experience those fellings.

Outline of the various stress-related problems in the four texts In the article (Text 4), James Burleigh tells us about how stress affects the body. He wrotes, “Stress can be good for you …but not for long”. He also wrotes that, “long-lasting stress can do serious damage by wearing out the immune system". It means, stress injures the immune system. So if the longer stress continues, there will be more and a higher risk that the immune system is hitting by damaging. A little stress is healthy but long lasting stress will weaken the immune system. You are also more stressed if you are ambitious and look to the future.

Comment on the statement: ”If you want to live long and healthily, don´t settle into routines” I think, if most people make some rotines, they can avoid stress. But routines can also be a problem in our private life and it can causes stress. You get stress off thinking on what to do now and next.

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