Mind and Adele

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Adele: Limitless

The part of media that I am most passionate about is music, but one singer in particular: Adele. While most people don’t care for her music, she is an inspiration. Adele writes about the things in life that would leave most young adults lost for words, whether it is heart break, or a change in life. Ever since she was four years old she has been influenced by the power of music. Her strength and motivation are an influence to me and my well-being. Within the past four months, I have been deceived, lied to, and cheated on by someone who I thought loved me as I did them. After our separation, I became quickly distraught and depressed to where functioning at home and at work became impossible. Then, I heard a song from Adele. After hearing this song on the radio, I grew curious to what it was about and quickly looked it up. The cd that I had purchased is about her separation from her fiancé. This in turn reflected on my situation. I began listening to her music over and over again. It got me thinking, why should I be so burdened and so sad over what happened? If Adele was strong enough to get over her situation, then so should I. In time with a fresh start, each clock shall chime when the time is right. When things usually appear to be at “it’s worst”, have faith it will get better. Don’t get yourself so upset over nothing. Adele has her number of fans increasing with time, as well as the number of her albums sold as well. Within the number of fans increasing, it means that there are more hearts out there that she has been touching and more souls that she has influenced.

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