Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Psychometrics Pages: 7 (1950 words) Published: March 13, 2013
College of Education
School Year 2012 – 2013

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course focuses on the discussion and analysis of assessment practices, specifically authentic/alternative assessments, and how they can improve learning. It provides students the opportunity to formulate their own understanding and principles on assessment for learning and apply their knowledge on alternative and performance-based assessments by designing and developing their own assessment tasks and scoring criteria such as rubrics, rating scales, and checklists.

PREREQUISITES:Assessment of Learning 1
CONTACT ADDRESS:Email: rojarivera@yahoo.com
COURSE OBJECTIVES:At the end of the course, the student is expected to: a.Apply concepts on alternative/authentic assessment;
b.Relate assessment principles to own experiences;
c.Demonstrate how alternative/authentic assessment can be applied to actual classroom practice; d.Evaluate assessment situations;
e. Propose improvements actual assessment processes;
f. Design authentic/alternative assessment objectives, tasks, and scoring criteria; g.Communicate his/her own ideas and thoughts on classroom assessment.

WEEK| OUTCOMES| TOPIC OUTLINE| STRATEGIES| OUTPUT/ASSESSMENT| 1June 9, 2012| * Get to know their classmates; * Introduce themselves to the class; * Communicate expectations and goals for the class| Introduction of the CourseDiscussion of Course RequirementsExpectation Check and Goal-Setting| DiscussionGetting-To-Know-You ActivityGroup Sharing| EssayContract| 2June 16, 2012| * Explain their prior knowledge on assessment, evaluation of student learning, assessment types and techniques; * Explain their opinions on the significance of assessment and evaluation;| Checking for Prior Knowledge a. What does assessment mean to you? b. Why is assessment/evaluation essential? c. Types of Assessment| BrainstormingVideo ViewingGroup DiscussionAbstraction and RecitationSynthesis| AcrosticExtended-Response Performance Task| 3June 23, 2012| * Discuss what assessment means; * Analyze the role of assessment in education; * Determine the different components of assessment; * Interpret the principles of assessment| Introduction to Assessment a. What is Assessment? b. Role of Assessment in Teaching and Learning c. Components of Assessment d. Principles of Assessment| Individual Topic PresentationAbstraction and RecitationGroup ActivityGroup DiscussionSynthesis| Extended-Response Performance Task SummarizationPresentation CritiqueReflection Paper* Guide for Reflection: * Share your best and worst assessment/evaluation experiences.| 4June 30, 2012| * Formulate the relationship of assessment and instruction through concept mapping; * Analyze real life situations wherein teachers make use of assessments; * Develop a planning guide on assessment construction; * Propose ways on how the standards of authentic instruction can be actualized.| Introduction to Assessment a. Relationship of Assessment and Instruction b. How Teachers Use Assessment c. Planning Assessments d. Standards of Authentic Instruction| Individual Topic PresentationAbstraction and Recitation Group ActivityConcept MappingGroup DiscussionSynthesis| Concept MapExtended-Response Performance Task SummarizationPresentation CritiqueReflection Paper*Guide Question for Reflection: * How does assessment aid you in your learning?*Submission of Reflection 1.| 5July 7, 2012| * Define alternative assessment; * Compare and contrast traditional assessment and alternative assessment with each other; * Differentiate Alternative, Performance, Authentic, and Portfolio Assessments with one another; * Share their understanding on alternative/authentic/performance assessment and...
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