Min Control Throught the Wicked Music Industry

Topics: Michael Jackson, God, Rihanna Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Deedra Mills
Mrs. Harned
English 101
7 March 2011

Mind Control and Consequences Through The Wicked Music Industry Children are the future. They are the generation to a brighter tomorrow, without them, there would be no happiness. Notice, the world has changed dramatically between the early 18th century and the late 21st century. Children in the 18th century had morality and decency. However, they could not part-take into any adult activities what-so-ever such as having sex, watching pornography, going about half naked or smoking cigarettes. But now, the children of the 21st century are growing up with little or no morality or decency. This is a influence by the wicked music industry through the Illuminati, which are controlling the minds of our teenagers. The Illuminati are a group of people from a secret society, which plans to take over the world through satanic rituals via technology. They refer to themselves as the enlighten ones. In addition, they are behind the music that we listen to, they cast spells hoping that we will fall into a trance and disobey the laws of God. Firstly, the life of a famous Illuminati. “You rock my world you know you did”, a lyric from the late Micheal Jackson. When Micheal was young he did not get to live the life of a regular child, he was pressured and abused by his father, to pursue a career of singing. When other children were outside playing Micheal had to rehearse all day, everyday. Of all the brothers Micheal was the most talented, his father saw dollar signs whenever he sang. However, to be famous and gain all the riches of the world you must to sell your soul to the devil. On signing on to a record label you automatically sign your soul away, poor Micheal did not really understand what was going on until his teenage years. He was granted with all the success of life, flashing the OK sign, which stands for 666, it may have seemed like a trend but it really is not. Many, people did not know the meaning...
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