Mime Artist

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What is mime?

Mime is where you silently express things. You have to be really good to do a show of mime, as there is no talking, you have to show what you mean by body lanuage. Mime is very emotional and you can express your feelings silently.

Names of famous mime artist

• John Weaver, the father of English mime (1673-1760)
• Joseph Grimaldi, English clown and pantomimst (1778-1837) • Jean-Gaspard Deburau, French pantomimist who transformed the character of Pierrot in the traditional harlequinade (1796-1846) • Ètienne Decroux, the father of modern mime

• Jean Louis Barrault, a pupil of Decroux who used abstract mime • Marcel Marceau, a Decroux's pupil also; the most famous mime Universally acclaimed as the World's Greatest Mime • Jewel Walker, one of America's best stage mimes

• Desmond Jones, famed British mime; runs the Desmond Jones School of Mime • Ecole Jacques Lecoq, famed mime teacher for use of masks • Tony Montanaro, established the Celebration Barn Theatre; authored Mime Spoken Here • Adam Darius, internationally acclaimed for his organic expressive mime • Robert Shields, popularized mime in America in the 1980's with the TV show, Shields and Yarnell • Samuel Avital, founded Le Centre Du Silence Mime School; an international mime performer • Mummenschanz, the mask and mime troup from Northern Europe • Gregg Goldston, most sought after teacher of mime, in Ohio • Richmond Shepard, taught mime in CA and now is a movie critic in NY. • Claude Kipnis, great stage mime and wrote "The Mime Book". • Geoff Hoyle, a physical comedian

Name of frozen photograph
Tableau is depiction of a scene usually presented on a stage by silent and motionless costumed participants

Greek word for mime and what it means
The term mime is derived from the Greek word mimos, originally referring to a form of comic folk play and later referring specifically to those who performed in it....
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