Milton S. Hershey: the Real Willy Wonka

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  • Published : April 27, 2008
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Milton Hershey was and still is one of the greatest chocolate makers of all time. He was the man who turned a bare patch of land into a thriving chocolate town and pulled everybody through the Great Depression. But, Hershey is best remembered to be the person who made chocolate popular in America and other parts of the world. Many people today know and purchase the infamous chocolate products that have been produced by the Hershey Factory, but some know about how the business became to be so successful. Milton S. Hershey was born in a small Pennsylvania town named Derry Township on September 13, 18571. He was the only child of Fannie and Henry Hershey. His mother was a Mennonite2 and moved often, which disrupted his education and could only finish 4th grade3. Hershey became an apprentice of a Lancaster candy maker for four years and started to get into the candy business. Milton opened his first candy store in Philadelphia on 1876 at the age of 184which failed after 6 years and went bankrupt on 1882.5 Milton then tried his luck at opening candy stores at Chicago and New York, both resulting in failure and went bankrupt again on 1886.6 When Milton visited Denver, he discovered how to mix fresh milk with caramel and returned to Lancaster to start a caramel business on 1883. 7his business proved to be a huge success and was named the Lancaster Caramel Company8. The success of this caramel company was the thing that set Milton as a candy maker and provided him with financial stability to start on his next interest, chocolate. Milton purchased his first chocolate-making equipment from a German company called J.M.Lehmamm Company on 1893 that was displayed in the World’s Columbian Expedition9. He started a sub-company called Hershey Chocolate Company under the Lancaster Caramel Company and began to produce chocolates. On 1900, Hershey sold his successful caramel company for $1,000, 0010and in order to set his sights to begin mass-producing chocolate. Hershey...
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