Milton Glaser - Work Analysis

Topics: Graphic design, IBM, Logo Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The SVA Theatre was a project proposed to Milton Glaser, it was based on moving image. The image above is the start of the project. This image is made up of 3 sets of different lines which are all stripes, the blue lines are horizontal, the green lines are vertical and the red lines are diagonal. I think the lines used are similar to Paul Rand’s IBM logo, the horizontal lines in blue are the same lines used in Paul Rand’s IBM Logo, the lines are horizontal and have stripes, these are the most obvious similarities. I like this logo a lot more than the IBM logo this is because the SVA logo is much more diverse compared to the IBM logo, the lines go from being horizontal in the lower part of the logo then into green vertical lines in the center, and then the red diagonal lines in the upper part also the lines overlap each other in the following order blue> green > red, I think this is a great form of Communication. The colours used are blue and green which are both cold colours, whereas the red is a hot colour, I think these colours work well. For the viewer it feels as if they are transitioning through the lines because of the outside structure which to me happens to look like a tower. The font used for the text at the bottom of the logo says ‘’SVA THEATRE’’ is a Helvetiquette Bold. This work has no function, it is concerned primarily with visual communication only whereas Paul Rand’s IBM logo has a function, which is to promote a business. I think this work is much more futuristic because of the range of different colours and lines used compared to Paul Rand’s IBM logo which was designed in the 1970s, the SVA Theatre image was designed in 2009 so I think the difference between contemporary and historical design is quite clear, in the 1900s design was used for a purpose whether it was to promote a business or advertise a campaign however contemporary design today can have no function at all and it can also be considered as Art. Paul Rand is famous for the...
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