Millon Dollars

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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One Million Dollars
If I won one million dollars, I would buy a mansion with lots of rooms, and fun things like a pool table and a big room with of games and fun activities. I would also have a gym so that I can exercise and have a healthy life. One thing I would do is give food and clothes for the homeless so they will have something to eat and have clothes to wear to keep warm and keep cool in the summer. I would give some of the money to charity so that they can help people that need money to have clothes to wear and food to eat and have a house to live in. Another thing I would do is help my family if they need the money to pay bills or if they just wanted to take a nice vacation. There are many things I would like to do if I won a million dollars, but the three things I would do if I won, would be buy an expensive car, travel the world, and invest my money in stocks and businesses. Another thing I’d like to do if I won one million dollars is buy an expensive car. The dream car that I would get with one million dollars would be a dark blue Lamborghini with leather seats and speakers and tinted windows. Also it would have the best extended interior and expensive engine. The car would have rims and a spoiler and also smooth and shiny tires and have Sirius XM radio. This dream car would have sliding doors so it would be easy to get in. The second thing I would do if I had one million dollars is I would travel the world. The places I would want to go are Landon, Paris, Italy and Germany; because it is the most beautiful places I would want to visit. Also I was told that they have some pretty jewelry and expensive perfume. They have pretty monuments, statues, and cool historical places to see. Also, they have some of the most breathtaking landscapes that would be wonderful to see. Since money would not be a concern I would do my best to do as much traveling as possible, and taking as many friends and family as possible to enjoy it all with me. One of the main...
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